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 SUN LIGHT Desk Lamp Replacement Bulb 2713GU24 Warm White

SUN LIGHT Desk Lamp Replacement Bulb 2713GU24 Warm White

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Product Description: 13 watt Warm White Replacement bulb. Replaces standard bulbs for lamps and light fixtures. Approximately 10% of the energy used for an incandescent globe becomes white light. The remaining 90% of energy consumed is wasted through heat. The Sunlight Bulb compact fluorescent bulb produces more light with less energy. This allows the vanity light to operate in a cool and safe manner.

What is Sunlight? Sunlight is a full spectrum bulb providing soothing glare free light, simulating natural daylight indoors. Natural daylight can have an overall positive effect on health, mood, and appearance while reducing eye strain.

1) Turn off electricity to unit.
2) Using gloves for safety, unplug existing bulb carefully and remove. Do not Squeeze bulb. Use safety precautions. Dispose of Safely. (Hold lamp at plastic base. Holding glass while unscrewing or screwing in bulb may crack bulb.)
3) Remove replacement bulb from package.
4) Carefully plug bulb into light socket. Do not over-tighten.
5) Turn on electricity.

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